The Journey of Photographic Vision (2nd Edition)



In this revision of the classic best selling book join world and humanitarian photographer David duChemin in a heartfelt discussion about creating photographs of people places and cultures and the discovery of a personal vision that makes those stories compelling and authentic David teaches how to seek and serve your creative vision through the art of photography highlighting his images from his adventures around the world in places like Nepal Italy Ethiopia and India While it s in these places David finds the stories and experiences that inspire him and which so beautifully illustrate the book it s his teaching about the central role of vision and expression in photography that sets this book apart even if you never wander far from home.

In this updated edition David includes many new images creative exercises updates to all of the chapters based on his own changing perspectives and includes additional discussion of topics that have inspired him more over the past few years like an increased focus on landscape photography David addresses the nuances of approaching different types of subjects whether people from other cultures children or the elderly the value of researching and scouting locations as well as an appreciation for what can happen when you allow yourself to wander in an unfamiliar place techniques for photographing landscapes how to capture a sense of place and culture with sensitivity through images of food festivals art faith and more Above all the book encourages you to search for what matters to you and not give up until you convey it through your craft I m chasing my vision and you will chase yours in the places best suited to that What s important is that you chase that vision intentionally and with passion refusing to let it be anything but yours and yours alone.