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for the love of the photograph.



"I want to do this, for the rest of my life, as an amateur: for the love of the photograph."

David duChemin, our accidental founder and Chief Executive Nomad, sounds off on the heart of Craft & Vision and why we do what we do. Craft & Vision is a photographic education company, based in Vancouver, Canada, dedicated to serving an international community of photographers all running headlong into new ways of seeing the world and expressing that vision to others. Passionate champions of the amateur, whether or not you also draw a paycheque with your camera, we do this for the same reasons you do: for the joy of creation and the love of the photograph. 

The full, but somewhat edited, text of our manifesto appears in the first two desktop wallpapers below.


Click on the thumbnails below to download your own desktop wallpapers featuring the C&V Manifesto.