A Beautiful Anarchy + How to Feed a Starving Artist

This is a bundle for the VisionMongers - those brave souls that want to make a life and a living in their photography - or any creative field, for that matter. Learn to ignore the rules, do your thing, face your fears, and live according to the script you create for yourself, and to do so while getting a handle on your finances, and growing and serving an audience that wants the unique value you have to offer the world.

Photographer and life-long creative entrepreneur David duChemin has been making his living exclusively from his creativity since he left college as a juggler and comedian, and  pursuing a successful 12-year career in comedy, before going bankrupt and recovering as he pursued his passion for humanitarian photography and built a profitable, thriving, business as a photographer, educator and publisher. David's learned his lessons the hard way, but they've been extraordinary lessons and David's hoping he can pass them on to you, so you can learn them with fewer bumps and bruises.  

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