Mastering the Everyday Practice of Seeing

Vision 365: Mastering the Everyday Practice of Seeing is not tips and tricks; rather, this eBook is a diligent reminder that it’s the practice of photography that trains your eye to see not only the spectacular and obvious, but the small, ordinary, and everyday things that you might not necessarily think about as being photo-worthy. In the scheme of grand and the search for praise, we often miss the obvious . . . without recognizing that we have done so. Through 365 days of simple, repetitive exercises, Henry Fernando has a quiet, peaceful way of showing how the practice of seeing will teach you to recognize daily opportunities in your surroundings so that you can make the photographs that resonate with who you are and how you see your world.

This 772-page eBook presents simple and elegant concepts in a zen-like design. If you’ve ever thought about (or avoided) a 365-day project, this might be the perfect outline you’ve been searching for.

PODCAST: Listen to Henry's interview with C&V Podcast host Jeffery Saddoris.