A Guide to Macro & Up Close Photography

This is a must-have guidebook for photographers who want to create fresh and stunning photographs of things often overlooked. Enthusiasts of every level will thoroughly enjoy Andrew’s discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of working with the best tools, or the best work-arounds to help you get close to your subject without sacrificing image quality. This eBook zeroes in on how to make exciting macro and close-up photographs.

Andrew Gibson is one of our top-selling authors and he’s packed this massive PDF, weighing in at 88-spreads, with a detailed look at this unique style of photography. He covers crop factoring and magnification, testing your lenses, focal length, focusing techniques, depth-of-field, lighting, image stabilization, single/double-element lenses, reverse lens macro, extension tubes and more! Included are two case studies featuring the gorgeous close-up work of photographers Mandy Disher and Celine Steen that’ll inspire you to explore smaller worlds.

This is a downloadable PDF eBook.