Creative Use of Shutter Speed in Landscape Photography

The Perfect Shutter teaches you how to creatively use shutter speed to convey your experience of the ever-moving, ever-changing world around you. From the sea to the sky, trees, grasses, and the wind, nature is on the move; the challenge for the stills photographer is how to express those moving scenes within the confines of a static photograph.

Landscape photographer, workshop leader and author Duncan Fawkes shows you how to refine your vision by putting technique into practice, adding stronger mood and intention to your photographs by sharing his knowledge of the basic fundamentals, tools + gear, visualization, techniques, and subjects, before expanding into more advanced topics such as deciphering ND filter numbers, panning, intentional camera movement, and blending exposures. In the “Making the Image” section, Duncan includes 10 photographs that walk you through the how and the why of his personal choices in creating those images.

From totally freezing motion in infinite detail with a fast shutter speed to creating abstract and surreal alternate realities with a long exposure, there are many—and often subtle—variations in between. Whether you want to photograph silky waterfalls, energetic waves, the sky, or the wind, The Perfect Shutter leads you to find your perfect place to creatively photograph the landscape as only you see it.