Learning the Craft and Process of B&W

Black and white photographs are a different medium than colour and require an ability to see in monochrome. Becoming aware of the differences between black and white and colour images—both in how they are seen and what makes a great black and white photograph—is the first step to capturing images that will work powerfully in monochrome.

This is a three-volume set Part One discusses what makes a great black and white photograph, what to look for when learning to see in monochrome, elements of a black and white photograph, and potential subjects for black and white photographs.

Part Two is about the craft of converting the captured image into black and white in the digital darkroom. Where Part One – Vision, looked at the process of seeing and capturing in monochrome, Part Two – Craft, looks at the tools needed to turn a colour digital negative into a spectacular-looking black and white image using the software of the digital darkroom, specifically Adobe Photoshop.

Part Three will help you take your black & white photography to new levels and explore new ways of expressing yourself in this elegant medium! The Magic of Black & White – Part III, Nine Photos guides you through nine of his gorgeous black & white images with the goal of teaching more advanced techniques to give your images more subtlety and power.

Clearly taught in Photoshop (and five of the lessons in Photoshop Elements), Andrew walks through Toning, Split Toning, Exposure Blending, Textures and the creation of Diptychs and Triptychs, all without losing sight of the idea that one’s work should be driven by vision. Andrew teaches his techniques with the goal of creating photographs that honour both the artist’s need for expression and the geek’s need for excellence of craft. The examples and the illustrations Andrew provides compliment his clear teaching style and make this book a pleasure to read.

This is a downloadable PDF eBook bundle, delivered as a .zip file