A Video Series About Becoming a Stronger Photographer

This is the second chapter of The Created Image conference held in Vancouver, where David duChemin was joined by Steve Simon and Piet van Den Eynde for an intense two days of talking about making compelling photographs, from learning to see and honing the skills that have nothing to do with the camera and everything to do with making images, to the power of visual storytelling and the digital darkroom.

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What we packed into these two days of education was enough to stretch even the largest brains and hearts.  And knowing that not everyone can afford the time or money to travel for an event like this, we filmed it, and after months of editing, we've cut it down to just over 12 hours of great content from three people who live and breathe this craft.

Here are the ten sessions in Volume 02:

David duChemin
Beyond Looking, Learning to See
Without the Camera
Moments of Mastery
Toward Mastery, the Journey of Craft

Steve Simon
The Power of Photography
The Photographer, The Storyteller, 1
The Photographer, The Storyteller, 2

Piet van Den Eynde
The Digital Darkroom, Less is More
The Power of Black & White, 1
The Power of Black & White, 2
Dodge & Burn

What others have said:

“A must-watch for those who love photography; inspirational as well as informational.” - Helen Dang

“The Created Image was a liberating experience, allowing me approach my photography from a new perspective.” - Dana Thomas

“David's motivational focus, Steve's combination of the technical and the practical, and Piet's darkroom focus meshes very well.” -  John Becker    

“An elegant set of concepts presented with passion and sincerity!” - Connie Dines

“The Created Image is a great way to rekindle that creative spirit - for an amateur, I found it a great way to break away from the routine, re-light that creative fire and to ask yourself what you want to achieve next.” - Chris Young

“Presented in a light & funny manner that makes the volume of information easier to understand.” - Pat Hollander

“An excellent course for photographers of all levels. The presenters were passionate, knowledgeable and approachable.” - Grant Bruce

“As much as I was continuously inspired by the words and images presented, I felt this insatiable need to get out and photograph all the ideas that were emerging as a result of the workshop.” - Amy Brathwaite

“This workshop covered technical stuff plus it delved into the philosophy of photography. Both were very well done, and I left newly stimulated and keen to try many new ideas.” - Neil Boyle