Extending Dynamic Range with HDR & Other Techniques

There are many ways in which the camera sees differently than we do, one of the more significant is the way it sees light. A camera's frequent inability to record the light in one exposure can resulting in blown out skies or lost shadow details, preventing us from making a photograph that looks and feels the way we want it to. Dealing with this contrast has always been a struggle, but more and more solutions are presenting themselves, from the use of filters, fill light, and software solutions, it's never been easier to push the light.

Pushing Light is a 112-page discussion about the tools available to photographers to manipulate the most basic building materials of a photograph: light. With his well-known ability to teach both the seasoned geek and the frustrated artist, Piet Van den Eynde tackles this subject clearly and with depth. This PDF ebook is a rich resource for any photographer looking to get a handle on these tools, and contains links to 12 free online videos that help clarify the more complex tools.