20 Colour + 20 B&W Presets for Adobe Lightroom

You know a great photograph when you see it. The kind that makes you linger awhile, your eye running around the image, lost in the story of it. As your mind wanders, a soft undercurrent runs in the background, wondering, “How was this made? What’s that extra something that I can’t quite describe?” Perhaps it’s subtle choices in post-processing that added the finishing touch.

Introducing Piet Van den Eynde’s Power Preset Pack (Vol. 01), offering 40 one-click colour + black and white presets. Effects vary from edgy to contemporary to retro and vintage. Each preset comes in M (medium) and H (high) versions, to give you an understated or bolder look.

Check out the short video below to see exactly what these presets might do for you.