Volume 1 and 2 (Bundle)

This 42-video double-volume set has nearly 7 hours of laser-focused, live-screen tutorials that will teach you more than you thought you needed to know about Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) and Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop for Photographers is a video tutorial series made by a photographer for photographers which means it focuses on the tools and processes that photographers need. Beginner and intermediate users will love this Piet’s approach and workflow as his tightly scripted, detailed instructions make every step easy to follow.

Most of the Photoshop training videos out there jump ahead in the editing process leaving photographers with unanswered questions and unnecessarily large files with no option of non-destructively changing settings or synchronizing edits across multiple images like ACR or Adobe Lightroom.

Throughout these concise and action-oriented, bite-sized videos you'll be guided through the essentials on what remains the most powerful photographic editing software on the planet.

Bonus content includes Piet’s EasyDodge 2.0 custom Photoshop Action set ($10 value all on its own) and a downloadable Exercise File Packages (.zip) so you can follow along with the tutorial using the same image files.


This full-time bundle saves you 25%.