Getting the Most from Your Photographs in Adobe Lightroom

You’re a photographer. You want to be out making photographs of interesting people, places, and things, not stuck at your desk in front of a computer doing post-processing.

Lightroom Simplified is a video course designed to speed your workflow. In 13 episodes, this 3.5-hour video course from outdoor photographer Andy Biggs teaches you how to use Adobe Lightroom simply and powerfully to polish your images. Each video features one photograph and Andy’s approach to using the tools to refine that image quickly + efficiently. Through step-by-step instructions, he walks you through a complete processing sequence, discussing the how and the why of his choices, so you can watch how the image comes to life—and how you can adopt the same approach to your own work. 

So whether you photograph big cats (or people), little cats (or kids), weddings, landscapes, graffiti, or whatever it is that lights your photographic fire, Andy’s methods teach you how to save your time and creative energy to do the thing you do best: make photographs.