Exploring Portraiture and Light

Award-winning commercial and adventure photographer Dave Brosha has made portraits in some unconventional areas, leading Adobe to spread the word on his “iconic portrait work,” and Nikon to proclaim him “one of the most celebrated creative photographers in the world.” We couldn’t agree more.

In Illuminated: Exploring Portraiture and Light, Dave brings you behind the scenes to share his lighting solutions as told in 15 engaging case studies and illustrated by his stunning photographs. He offers a down-to-earth mix of the creative process and technical know-how that it takes to make portraits in some unusual locations.

This is not a book about technique—it’s about the way technique fulfills your vision in relation to the decisions you make. Illuminated offers a relatively simplified approach to combining the technical, aesthetic, and storytelling aspects of portraiture, using both artificial and natural light.

Dave provides details on his choice of equipment (usually only one or two lights), placement of lighting, and the creative process—how he starts in one place and ends up in another because of the way things can change when you’re on location.

If you’ve ever wanted to gain a better edge in your portrait work, to better understand the process that makes compelling images, or to better grasp technical aspects (like balancing artificial light with ambient), Illuminated will help you with that.