(Re)Discover the Magic: An Introduction to the Wonder & Tactility of Analog Photography

When digital photography became mainstream, people began predicting the death of film, but that has yet to happen. In much the same way as audiophiles have caused a resurgence in vinyl, film is making a strong comeback. Photographers who once saw the film vs. digital debate as a one-or-the-other proposition are now finding strong reasons to use film—not the least of which is the tactility and beauty of the medium.

Author and film photographer Sherri Koop fought hard against frustrations at going digital in her wedding and portraiture business and in the end,  stuck with the medium she knows and loves: film. She knows it like she knows an old friend—intimately, and with respect for the characteristics found in both its strengths and weaknesses. Sherri believes that every photographer would benefit by using a 35mm film camera and one lens, because learning to shoot film makes for a stronger photographer (even if digital is your primary medium).

Any film shooter will tell you that there's a quality to film that just can't be replicated by digital processing, so if you’re curious about how film may improve—or enhance—your photography, but have no idea where to begin, FILM is for you. Sherri clearly and concisely discusses film, cameras, exposure, workflow, developing (and the importance of choosing a lab). Respect from industry peers is included in a rare interview with the owner and manager of Richard Photo Lab in Los Angeles, a day in the life of B&W film photographer Ray Barbee, and the foreword by Lori Miles, whose work is featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Grace Ormonde, and WedLuxe magazines.

A 210-page downloadable PDF eBook, FILM provides guidance and instruction for just about every aspect of this medium to remove any new-found intimidation over the original format of photography.