Over 80 Develop Presets for Adobe Lightroom

The scene before you is incredible: the colours are rich. Vibrant. Absolutely stunning. Lost in your technicolour world, you shoot your heart out, only to realize that when you download your masterpiece images that they look flat. Neutral. And, dare you say, boring. Not at all like how it felt when you were there. Sigh.

Presets aren’t a magic fix-all, nor are they the dirty little secrets of the photography world. Even the television shows and movies that draw you in do so—in part—because of how they are processed after the cameras stop rolling. Colour, saturation, and contrast dramatically enhance the mood of your photographs, and further articulate what you want them to say. Technology can be tricky, and these presets just might help you be your very best personal editor.

This Adobe Lightroom Develop Preset Package includes 80+ presets from Adobe Certified Expert Piet Van den Eynde, whose affection for presets and photography are perfectly combined in this complete set. Also included is a PDF guide with the how-to on installation and a handful of Before + After photographs to further assist you to make the most of this package (which is compatible with Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, and 6).

Want to run the complete gamut and also try your hand at black and white? Check out Piet’s Preset Bundle below and save up to 25%.