Vision-Driven Editing + Post-Production Video Course

You know that photograph: the one that immediately catches your eye, grabs your heart, and makes you linger as you run your eyes over every inch, wondering how it was done. Wondering if you could figure out how to do it on your own. So what if you could sit down beside a photographer you like and respect and watch how he develops his own photographs in the digital darkroom?

After The Camera is a 20-episode video series created to do just that. From importing and editing, to getting the image ready for output, David duChemin walks you through his vision-driven workflow, teaching the techniques he uses everyday to create his images.

This is a simplified, personal approach to the digital darkroom, specifically—but not limited to—Adobe Lightroom. Created with a focus on the intent of the photographer and the use of aesthetic tools to express that intent, After The Camera is a 4.5 hour walk through David’s personal process: Identifying Intent, Minimizing Distractions, Maximizing Mood, Drawing the Eye, and Refining for Output. After teaching the basics of principles such as visual mass in an easy-to-understand way, David walks you start-to-finish through several of his own images to show you both the why and the how behind his ideas and techniques.

 After The Camera is both streamable and downloadable, and to help train your eye to see new possibilities, is packaged together with 36 of David duChemin's Develop Presets for Adobe Lightroom. Whether you’re looking to learn Lightroom, refine your basic skills, get some new ideas about how to edit your images and keep them organized, or whether you want to give your photographs the best chance at expressing your vision in more powerful ways, After The Camera will change the way you think about your images to help you refine them in more beautiful, more compelling ways.