Escaping the Gear Trap to Focus on What Matters

The best photographers of the last century—the ones who have made the most enduring and iconic photographs—all tell us the same thing: it’s not about the camera. A Lesser Photographer by CJ Chilvers is about escaping the gear trap and focusing on what matters: the things that actually make better photographs, like creativity and authenticity.

So instead of worrying about your f-stop, you can concentrate on doing more with less. Less gear. Less comparison. Less “should” and “ought” and “if only,” and more of you, reflected in your work.

Beautifully illustrated, this 86-page downloadable PDF eBook offers the real goods on making enduring photographs and creative freedom, rather than technical instruction.

INTERVIEW: Listen to CJ on the C&V Podcast with Jeffery Saddoris! Visit the Podcast page to download the MP3.