Piet's Preset Bundle

The retail price of these items is $55—this 3-resource bundle saves you 25%. 


You know a great photograph when you see it. The kind that makes you linger awhile, your eye running around the image, lost in the story of it. As your mind wanders, a soft undercurrent runs in the background, wondering, “How was this made? What’s that extra something that I can’t quite describe?” Perhaps it’s subtle choices in post-processing that added the finishing touch.

Introducing Piet Van den Eynde’s Power Preset Pack (Vol. 01), offering 40 one-click colour + black and white presets. Effects vary from edgy to contemporary to retro and vintage. Each preset comes in M (medium) and H (high) versions, to give you an understated or bolder look.


If you’re stuck on an image and aren’t quite sure what it needs to give you that “Yes! That’s how it felt when I shot it!” feeling, a preset can give you an unexpected starting place, stir your creativity, shorten your post-production, and teach you more about the Develop module than you ever expected.

Perhaps the story from the shoot isn’t being told the way you envisioned; trying it in black and white can dramatically shift the mood, emotion, and expression of your photograph. Technology can be tricky, and these presets just might help you be your very best personal editor.


The scene before you is incredible: the colours are rich. Vibrant. Absolutely stunning. Lost in your technicolour world, you shoot your heart out, only to realize that when you download your masterpiece images that they look flat. Neutral. And, dare you say, boring. Not at all like how it felt when you were there. Sigh.

Presets aren’t a magic fix-all, nor are they the dirty little secrets of the photography world. Even the television shows and movies that draw you in do so—in part—because of how they are processed after the cameras stop rolling. Colour, saturation, and contrast dramatically enhance the mood of your photographs, and further articulate what you want them to say. Technology can be tricky, and these presets just might help you be your very best personal editor.