Paul Nicklen

Globally acclaimed photographer, Arctic ecosystem specialist, and marine biologist Paul Nicklen has been documenting both the beauty and the plight of our planet’s polar regions and the world’s threatened ecosystems for over twenty years.

As an assignment photographer for National Geographic, he has captured the imagination of a global audience. His personal mission is to use his highly emotional, evocative, and beautiful images to ignite a conversation about the future of our planet’s natural wonders and to inspire action.

Paul is the recipient of more than 30 international awards, including the Natural Resources Defense Council’s BioGems Visionary Award, World Press Photo, and BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

As a founder and contributing photographer to SeaLegacy, he dedicates his efforts to highlighting the issues, species, and ecosystems he cares about so deeply. Canadian-born and raised, Paul moved with his family to Baffin Island as a young boy and spent his childhood among the Inuit people. He learned from them the love of nature, the understanding of icy ecosystems, their artistic sensitivity—especially in storytelling—and the survival skills that have turned him into one of the most successful wildlife and nature photographers of our generation.

As an assignment photographer for National Geographic, Paul has produced 20 stories covering a variety of issues related to conservation and natural history, from the Spirit Bear and the Great Bear Rainforest to the ill effects of salmon farming to the importance of sea ice and polar ecosystems in this new climate era.

Despite the personal peril he often faces while working in some of the planet’s most remote and harsh environments, Paul travels the world in search of meaningful stories that touch people’s emotions and connect the public at large with Earth’s marine and polar realms.

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