The 2-Volume Video Bundle

The Created Image video series bundle includes over 26 hours of discussion and instruction recorded at the 2013 and 2014 conferences in Vancouver, British Columbia. Hosted by best-selling author and international humanitarian and travel photographer David duChemin, this intimate conference is dedicated to the art of photography and the journey of craftsmanship that gets you there. And now you can experience the entire series from your digital device. The Created Image bundle is for like-minded and like-hearted photographers who want to learn about photographic expression in camera, in post-production, and in the larger context of your body of work.


"This may be the best video series that I have.  I watch them about once a year and always discover something new.  Highly recommended.” — Jack Pohler

"I really enjoyed this video series – it felt as if we were in the room, exploring all aspects of photography from visual creativity to post capture processing. Highly recommended.” — John Collins

"I have come late to photography and have avidly consumed loads of videos and ebooks on the subject, the result? A technical paralysis on making pictures.I don't know why I bought The Creative Image but I am glad I did. The seminar proved a breath of fresh air setting me free to pursue my own creativity and giving me the permission to  take pictures and enjoy my camera.” — Ken Beecroft

"I liked The Created Image so much I took notes, lots of notes, stop the video and backup kind of notes.  I also forced myself to pace out videos because I hated to see them end.” — Karl Strohmeier

“Watching The Created Image was eye-opening for me; it was the first time I heard such insightful and inspiring advice on making better photographs. I learned a lot from watching this series: my worries and struggles are not unique. The approaches to understanding how to improve are practical, sensible and productive. I recommend this series!” — Richard Ball