A Video Series About Becoming a Stronger Photographer

When we decided to host an intimate, intensive weekend conference in Vancouver, we were blown away by what an incredible experience it was. We spent two days together and left exhausted, inspired, and changed. In all, there were 10 sessions, and once they were cut and edited together, there were just over 14 hours of video content (both downloadable and streamable) for anyone who couldn’t come to an event like this. And now you can get in on the sessions that formed The Created Image Workshop. Topics include creativity and inspiration, visual language and composition, editing, post-production, printing, and more. Details regarding your exclusive access to these videos are provided in a downloadable PDF file.

What others have said:

"I have attended several photographic seminars, I'm not sure there is another one out there that focuses on creativity as well as this one. David is an excellent instructor and his creativity focus is fantastic. By far one of the better photographic workshops."
- Paul Ausmann

"This was exactly what I needed it to be—an inspirational kick in the ass. I left feeling motivated to hold myself to a higher artistic standard. Even better, I left with a set of practical tips, tools, and concepts that I can use in my efforts to elevate my work."
- Shanna Baker

"David is probably the best it could get in terms of learning. This is not just a session on photography - it moves from art, to perspectives on a life well lived, all along challenging our thinking around the frame. It was exhausting, creative and thought provoking. One of the best learning sessions I've attended in my career."
- Ranjit Vazhapilly                                  

"If you want to geek out about gear, go elsewhere. This gathering was about about the art of photography, with the right amount of craft to glue it all together. David has a way of making us explore the 'why' of our photography, so the 'how' becomes important in a context that renews our hunger for growth."
- Stephen McCullough

"David opened my eyes to new ways of thinking and has sparked my desire to pursue my passion at another level. I'm already making better photographs! I would highly recommend the experience, regardless of your photography skills or training."
- Mark Parsons