The Art of Photographing Family

Family isn’t ordinary; it’s extraordinary.

It’s the art of relationship that bursts forth in unexpected laughter, temper tantrums, messy rooms, messy hair, Play-Doh, quiet moments, shared meals, sweet kisses, stolen glances, and ultimately, devotion. It’s the particular way of interacting that only a group called “family” does. 

Everyday life is storytelling at its best. 

Whether you want to improve your skills at photographing your own family or that of your client’s, Stories of Home: The Art of Photographing Family is for you.

Author and mentor Kate Densmore reveals her techniques for emotional storytelling, crafting personal themes and intent, exploring vision, creating mood + drama, working with natural + artificial light, seeing art in the everyday, shooting amid clutter, and making the best studio within the family home.

Because home isn't just a place: it's a feeling.

Featuring beautiful photographs that illustrate why Kate is in demand worldwide (and why photographers hire her to photograph their families), this 152-page eBook is perfect for both amateurs and professionals.

Also included are creative exercises and interviews with Nicole Lattanzi, Erin Hensley, and Cassandra O’Leary, each of whom have perfected their particular style of photographing family.

Here's what people are saying about Stories of Home:

"I love how well Kate was able to make me deeply reflect on my own work. As I read her words and related to her own experiences, I made new connections about my own work. Throughout her book, she offers several creativity exercises, many of which I hadn't thought to do before. I found inspiration and motivation in these exercises and the book as a whole. I cannot recommend it enough!" - Erin Hensley

"I tore ravenously through Stories from Home, soaking up every word. Kate breaks down the genre of in-home storytelling photography so clearly for her reader—covering all its components and sharing methods for getting creative with your photographs to further express your vision of a scene. Peppered through the book are interviews with other inspiring family photographers who share with us their own unique take on this genre of photography. As a family documentary photographer myself, I have been struggling over the past year or so with where my work fits within this genre. When Kate writes about photographing the way a scene feels rather than the way it quite literally looks, she hit the nail on the head for me, and finally gave me the words to describe the way I photograph my own stories of home. I am ever so grateful to Kate for this wonderful book, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to document their own life or the lives of others in an authentic way." - Francesca Russell

"Stories of Home is incredible and inspiring. Not only does Kate share how she uses composition, light, emotion and more while photographing both her own family and clients, but she also gives you guidance to develop the skills in order to use these in your own photography. She encourages  development of a unique voice to shine in your own images driven by these compositional tools and emotion through a series of exercises within the guide. I absolutely recommend this to any photographer wanting to learn how to better document the moments and emotions tied to the stories of their own family or their clients’ families." - Nicole Lattanzi

"In Stories of Home, we are invited into Kate's thought process as an image-maker and storyteller. Then we are challenged to tell our own stories in our own words. Through interviews with other immensely talented photographers, we begin to see the common ground we share as creatives. We are also shown how wonderfully diverse each artist is in both style and approach and how all of our stories matter and deserve to be told beautifully. This book is a must-have for all storytelling photographers." - Julie Moses

"In Stories of Home, Kate gives a refreshing glimpse into the reasons so many people fall in love with photography in the first place: family memory preservation. As our skill levels advance, however, the journey to create meaningful work can quickly be filled with doubts on if that work is 'good enough,' 'strong enough,' or 'impactful enough.' This book leaves the reader with a perfect balance of inspiration, professional experience, and actionable techniques to try. I finished Stories of Home excited to pick up my DSLR and begin photographing my own family again with a new perspective in mind." - Beryl Young

"With everything that Kate does, she inspires, motivates, and teaches. This book is another example of that. In this book, Kate didn't just teach me how to photograph my family and our home better, she taught me to see things better. She gave me fresh eyes." - Cassandra O’Leary