Composition for Stronger Stories and Better Portraits

If you’ve ever wondered how to translate “it was written all over his face” to your photographs, Stories and Faces teaches you how your camera becomes both pen and paper when creating portraits that best tell human stories. The key is learning to recognize a good storytelling portrait, and then making a compelling photograph. 

National Geographic Traveler photographer Oded Wagenstein has built his career on telling powerful stories through photography, and in his second book with Craft & Vision, he shares the creative process behind making a storytelling portrait, the importance of composition (and how to use it to strengthen your photographs), approaching strangers, and how to take your ideas from conceptualization to finished work. He also includes six case studies that provide insights into how he creates his own portraits. 

Stories and Faces takes you beyond the how and dives into the why behind writing a more interesting narrative with your photography. Become the bard of your craft; learn to recognize the faces and moments that create stories worth telling.