A Case Study for Stronger Travel Photographs

The best cameras and sharpest lenses don’t make beautiful photographs: you do.

It’s never about the gear. It’s never about how many lights you do or don’t have. Want to know how David duChemin makes beautiful portraits under the blazing sun in 40 °C/100 °F? Want to know how he captures moments and gestures from people who speak another language? Northern Kenya, A Case Study for Stronger Travel Photographs, will tell you how. This is a companion piece to See the World (see bundle option below).

This eBook includes 80 pages, 45 photographs, and a 17-minute downloadable video tutorial on post-production decisions and techniques in Lightroom.

So if you’re curious about how an on-assignment photographer works in the field, it’s all in here. Or if you’ve ever thought, “I can’t bear the idea of hauling all my gear with me,” this eBook will tell you why you don’t have to. And if you’ve read See the World and wondered how some of the photographs were made, this is the guide that tells you how.

You don’t have to go to an exotic place to make exotic photographs. Leave everything you’ve been told behind and head off to a different way of photographing. Abandon all the shoulds and trust yourself. You’ve got this.