Making Extraordinary Photographs of Ordinary Life

If “taking it to the streets” has you confused over which way to point your camera, you could run yourself ragged, trying to figure out how to create images like the ones that inspired you to try street photography in the first place. You could continue to struggle, wondering why moments you thought would be great just . . . aren’t quite there. Or, you can learn how to create in-demand images, even if the only person demanding them? Is you. 

Good street photography is more than lucky snapshots; there’s a science to the art of creating photos that make you stop and linger, your eyes wandering over the scene. With over 35 years of experience and a compelling portfolio, professional photographer Willem Wernsen explains his process in easy-to-understand terms that will make you want to grab your camera and hit the streets with knowledge and confidence to create storytelling candids and portraits.  

This 110-page eBook outlines the importance of storytelling and finding ways of connecting to help you tell those stories, how to approach people, compositions, framing, equipment, and post-processing. This book summarizes the fundamentals of street photography, as illustrated by Willem’s widely-acclaimed photographs, and includes interviews with veteran street photographers Peter Van Tuijl and Marco Bastmeijer.