A Complete Guide to Photographing Under the Night Sky

If you want to do more under the stars than just wish on them, landscape and nightscape photographer David Kingham can help you get started. Kingham isn't an astronomer, nor do you have to be. His mantra? You need vision. And he's the guy to help you hone yours.

In Nightscape, Kingham expertly explains every aspect of night photography, from the basics of understanding stars, constellations, meteors, moon phases, and galaxies, to scouting, gear, field work, shooting techniques, and post-processing. 

Nightscape is an in-depth resource full of detailed descriptions, charts, maps, and step-by-step actions, practical insights, and incredible photographs that will inspire you to get outside.

BONUS: This eBook also includes a download link to 22 Lightroom presets. We recommend Adobe Acrobat for PDF viewing and for selecting Resource hyperlinks; applications such as Mac Preview don't always play nice.

This 120-page digital PDF eBook is packed with exceptional photographs and excellent education from a man who actively practices the teaching tools in this book; as part of his now-nomadic lifestyle, Kingham sleeps under the stars every night.