Techniques for Dramatic Off-Camera Lighting


“Shed a little light on it” means nothing if you don’t know how.

Light It Up! Techniques for Dramatic Off-Camera Lighting offers an inside look at the best lighting solutions, whether on location or in the studio. Drawing from his ten+ years behind the camera, author Piet Van den Eynde has learned how to see, use, tint, and enhance light, and provides a straightforward approach to adding flash light to any scene.

The key to great lighting? Keep it simple, but make it significant.

Using real-life examples from his portfolio, Piet walks you through how he makes some of his most recognizable photographs. And none of the lighting setups are overly complicated. So whether you’re feeling challenged by available light in a boiler room, a crowded living room, an abandoned warehouse, the great outdoors, or floating down the Ganges with a Sadhu, Piet has the solutions to light it up.

This 160-page PDF includes theories about light, techniques, and advice on using speedlights and portable studio flashes on location that’s presented in case studies, lighting diagrams, and advice on the best gear to buy for different scenarios. Inside you’ll find: 

  • Both beginner and advanced lighting setups
  • Lighting diagrams and behind-the-scenes setup shots
  • Real-life lessons from Piet on what works, what doesn’t, and how to improve
  • A comprehensive discussion on the latest lighting gear
  • In-depth coverage of advanced techniques such as high-speed sync and hypersync
  • Information on both big and small flashes and the importance of a “flash ecosystem”
  • How to work with on-camera flash with excellent results 
  • Post-production instruction

And if all that’s not enough, there are three exclusive 15-minute videos with step-by-step instructions to send you on your way to trippin’ the light fantastic.

Can't wait to see? Watch the first video right now! 

Want more? You’ve got it! You also get five of Piet’s favourite presets (and he shows you how to use them in the videos).  

It’s your own little bundle of lighting joy.

Praise for Light It Up! from raving fans:

"In the first couple of chapters alone, this eBook covers the same information that other photography courses spread across months or even years. Although the book contains some pretty techie stuff, Piet knows how to explain it in a simple way and illustrates it with practical examples. More advanced photographers will also benefit from this book by useful tips and examples from Piet’s daily practice, explanations on typical flash problems and solutions, setup shots, or lighting diagrams.” – Erik v.R.

"Do you want to start using your flash creatively, both on- and off-camera but are getting lost in all the information that’s out there? No need to worry: this book will guide you through the world of flash techniques and gear. It’s a highly educational book that offers an interesting insight in technique and creativity." – Serge V.C.

“As an available light aficionado, reading this book had me go out and flirt with flash light.” – Tom M.

“Don’t hesitate. Terrific book!” – Ronald G.

“Impressively complete. Should be on every photographer’s bookshelf.” – Philippe B.

“A truly marvelous book, both in terms of contents and layout, explaining complex concepts in an understandable way. Highly recommended!" – Bart P.