Vision Is Better, Ep.56

Last week I asked you to give me some feedback about your challenges as a photographer and your interaction totally blew me away—thank you! I have three thoughts about your responses and one of them is about personal projects and the creation of bodies of work. I'd like to do something that addresses this, so to start with I'm asking you to do a little homework: What kind of topics, themes, ideas would you like to explore? Forget about actually doing it right now, that's just too big and scary. Let's spitball: what kind of themes or subjects might your personal project be about and why? Leave your comments below. I also want to encourage you to subscribe to the Contact Sheet, my email newsletter, because on a mostly weekly basis I'm sending out helpful lessons about growing as a photographer. Once in a blue moon, I'll tell you about some new resource that I'm putting out there in order to pay my bills, but it's mostly just solid, helpful stuff that I'm not putting out there in other ways and I think it'll help you. 


David duChemin is a photographer, author, adventurer, entrepreneur, and the best-selling author of Within The Frame, VisionMongers, Photographically Speaking and over 25 other titles about the craft and art of photography. He is also the accidental founder and Chief Executive Nomad of Craft & Vision—publishers of photographic education and inspiration, and rabid defenders of the amateur and everyone who does this for the love of the photograph.

Vision is Better is a chance for you to ask David questions about photography and a chance for David to sound off on these things without, for once, having to write a damn book about it. Please leave your comments on the YouTube page, as that is where David will be interacting.

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