Vision Is Better, Ep.26

The One about Filters for Landscape, Part One.

Join me as I discuss the bits and pieces you’ll want if you want to use filters in your landscape photography. I found getting the right pieces for my kit a real challenge because this stuff is poorly explained on sites like B&H or Amazon because they assume you know what you need. Most of us don’t when we start out.

Here’s the pieces I refer to in the episode. The links are affiliate links, feel free just to find these same products from shops like B&H, Adorama, or even better - your local brick and mortar shop. I mostly use the Lee system but there are others out there. Just don’t cheap out too much, you get what you pay for.

1. The ring you’ll need for your specific lens. Look at the front of your lens. It’ll tell you the diameter you need. Common threads are 72mm and 88mm but they come in an incredible range. Get one for each lens you might use.

This one’s for a 72mm thread, wide angle lens -

2. The Lee Filter Holder -

3. Lee 3-Stop (0.9) Hard Transition Neutral Density -

4. Lee 3-Stop (0.9) Soft Transition Neutral Density -

5. Lee 105mm Lens Adaptor Ring - this is what you need to mount the polarizer to the filter holder -

6. Lee 105mm Polarizer Filter -

7. Lee Big Stopper (10-stops) or Little Stopper (6-stops) -  or

8. 3-Stop ND -



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