Vision is Better, Ep.16

OK, I went off a little this time. If you’ll forgive my camera’s somewhat discretionary focus, join me as I talk about 2 things that can dramatically improve your photography: becoming pickier and becoming more personal. 

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David duChemin is a photographer, author, adventurer, and entrepreneur. He’s the best-selling author of Within The Frame, VisionMongers, Photographically Speaking and almost 20 other titles about the craft and art of photography. He is also the accidental founder and Chief Executive Nomad of Craft & Vision, publishers of photographic education and inspiration, and rabid defenders of the amateur and everyone who does this for the love of the photograph. 

Vision is Better is a chance for you to ask David questions about photography, and a chance for David to sound off on these things without, for once, having to write a damn book about it. Please leave your comments on the YouTube page, as that is where David will be interacting.

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