Vision is Better, Ep.15

Want to do something for your photography this year? It’s not sexy or shiny, and it won’t put new gear on your shelf, but that’s probably a good thing. Join me as I talk about studying composition and visual design and give you some suggestions about how to do that.

This week we’re thrilled to be part of the 5DayDeal again. This has to be about the best bundled value in photography these days and the money raised for some great charities is incredible. On top of that I’m giving 20% of my affiliate commissions from the sale to a couple of great charities, including the BOMA Project, as well as helping me fund my pro-bono humanitarian work.

Anyone who purchases the 5DayDeal bundle through the link below will get a chance to win one of 10 signed copies of The Visual Toolbox, as well as a chance to fly out - to Victoria, Canada, on our dime - to spend a day learning with me.

Also check out - - from Sept.10 through Sept 14 - every day we’ll have a new free ebook or product as a thanks for your support.

Here are the books I mentioned in the show:

Picture This! Molly Bang
The Photographer’s Eye, Michael Freeman
Photographically Speaking, David duChemin



David duChemin is a photographer, author, adventurer, and entrepreneur. He’s the best-selling author of Within The Frame, VisionMongers, Photographically Speaking and almost 20 other titles about the craft and art of photography. He is also the accidental founder and Chief Executive Nomad of Craft & Vision, publishers of photographic education and inspiration, and rabid defenders of the amateur and everyone who does this for the love of the photograph.

Vision is Better is a chance for you to ask David questions about photography, and a chance for David to sound off on these things without, for once, having to write a damn book about it.

Please leave your comments on the YouTube page, as that is where David will be interacting.

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