Gear Is Good

Remember that first camera? Can you still feel its weight in your hand, still hear the way the shutter sounded? We all have a different relationship with our gear. Some of us are a little too precious with it. Others get frustrated by it. Still others abuse it. But we all love the feeling of that camera in our hands. Here are eight wallpapers that celebrate some of our favourite cameras.

Follow this link to a zipped folder of 8 free desktop wallpapers.

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  • The top left resembles closely my first SLR camera. It was a Practica Super TL costing £64 in 1968. The film winder allowed me to take two photos superimposed on one frame (using a card with a hole attached to the lens) in the front for one of the shots. Whew ! where have the last 50 or so years gone?

    Thanks for the memory David

    Mike Grehan on

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