2017 Venice Mentor Series Workshops

The Venice Workshops
September 23-30, 2017
September 30-October 07, 2017
USD $5,400
Join David duChemin for one of two weeks in Venice, Italy this fall. This is an intensive workshop designed to explore your creative process, hone your photographic craft and create a cohesive body of work. You will explore, most often on your own, the streets of this astonishing city, share meals together, engage in honest critiques of your ongoing work, and be challenged to push yourself by someone who cares deeply about your art and won’t take no for an answer.
This workshop begins with dinner together on Saturday night and ends with dinner together the following Friday evening. 7-night accommodation (single occupancy) and meals included. Four (4) participants only. These are not workshops for beginners, nor are they city tours. You will come ready to work, to be challenged, to wonder, and to laugh hard.
Each workshop will be open to a maximum of 4 participants. To be sure that small group experiences the best dynamics possible, enrolment is by application only and approval will be based on a *10-image portfolio and short application form.
That’s the business stuff. What will this week really be like? Late nights talking about life and art and craft over Italian wine and great food. Hours walking in the changing lights on Italian cobbled streets with your camera, looking for your muse. Coffee with David while you discuss your photographs, and the challenges and victories of creative work passionately pursued.
Everyone’s process is different: we begin at different places and we journey to different places, so everyone's experience will be different. But the principles of how we do that are often very similar. David is deeply, unapologetically passionate about your photography, and your creative life, and will do whatever he can to help you move further along. This will be a week you never forget.
Complete the online application form and don’t hesitate to get in touch with Corwin Hiebert if you need more information or clarification regarding the terms and conditions outlined in the application.


"I had a great time on this workshop, both because I felt like I grew as a photographer, and because David is a great host and mentor. It's not easy to give understandable, actionable feedback to people who are at wildly different places in their photographic journey, but somehow David does it with aplomb. For me, it was tremendously educational to just walk the city with David and see first hand how he approaches finding a situation to shoot in - where's the light? What's the background? How can I clean up this shot? I'd recommend the experience to any photographer who needs help pushing past a plateau in their growth." ~ David Adam Edelstein
"I consider myself an advanced photographer, and make my living teaching photography, but everyone needs a little boost now and then (myself included). David’s workshop in Venice helped me to see and approach photography differently, and I also learned to appreciate the patience and solitude required to create a compelling photograph." ~ Nicole S. Young
"Joining David on his Venice workshop goes down as one of the most pivotal experiences of my photography career and it's not because of his intimate knowledge of this beautiful city (he really does have intimate knowledge of it). Rather, it was because of the special bond that formed between the mentor and the student during an intensive week of pushing your boundaries and your creative abilities. It's in the particular, personalized way that David challenges you to grow that makes this investment pay back with dividends." ~ Brian Matiash
"There are tons of amazing photographers out there and what feels like endless choices for workshops, seminars and fancy packaged trips. I was searching for a mentor. Someone who would take me to the edge, tell me it was going to be okay and then push me off. David showed me that fearless, curiosity and passion are attributes that the best photographers actively pursue and cultivate. I will forever cherish the evenings drinking prosecco, the days wringing every drop from life and my newfound sense of where I wish to take and pursue my craft." ~ Sean Howard

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